Safepal S1

59,90 + IVA

Thanks to a military-grade security standard EAL 5+, SafePal S-1 is the best hardware wallet available on the market. Fully integrated with Binance, it allows you to manage unlimited tokens and coins thanks to a completely offline transaction signature system.

SafePal does not have Bluetooth, Wifi, USB or NFC connectivity. This makes it unassailable by hacker and malicious attacks. With its unlimited storage capacity, you will be able to manage more than 19 different blockchains and over 10,000 different tokens.

Portable and always with you, anytime. Compact as a credit card and super light, suitable for everyday use or as a protected one.

Manage your SafePal directly from mobile and trade your funds thanks to Binance’s decentralized exchange.



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Additional information


Safepal S1


Carica USB




1.3' IPS


400mAh (20 Giorni se utilizzato per 10 minuti al giorno)